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Photo credit: Mun Mun the Bichon Frise

Birthdays, House warmings, Anniversaries, Christmas – as we search for gifts to our family and friends far and wide for these occasions, it seems we always forget to remember their furry friends, or even our own.


I once gifted a box of chocolates to a friend. While we were busy gobbling up the chocolate, his dog was begging us for a taste but we couldn’t oblige because chocolate was toxic to dogs (a pitiful sight to behold indeed).  That was when I thought: How lovely it would be if my gift basket included gifts for my friend’s dogs as well!


Recently, St. Bark answered by launching the “Dog Gift Box” . The products are lovingly curated by a team of dog lovers and specialists, including organic, natural and healthy dog treats from internationally recognised brands, fun novelty toys, an eco-friendly bandana from St Bark’s in-house brand, and grooming and boarding service vouchers.


Starting today, to celebrate an occasion with your dog and your friend’s, try St. Bark Gift Box and give the festive gift of unforgettable joy for all!