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Why does my dog need a hat?

Because a hat is much more than an eye-catching accessory that will help your adorable furry buddy win the hearts of the crowd. Our hats are made of anti-UV fabric and specially designed to provide eye protection, which can help lower UV exposure and prevent certain eye diseases and sunburn on the face area, among other great functions of the eco-friendly Specortex fabric.


If the hat doesn’t fit, can I return it?

If it is your dog’s first time wearing a hat and it doesn’t seem to be working straight away.  It may take some time before they become used to the sensation of wearing a hat, but it’s worth it for their eye health. If you have tried everything already to no avail- we totally understand.  Within 30 days of delivery,  you can receive a full refund after returning the hat, regardless of the condition of the hat. Yes, we mean it - regardless of the condition of the hat!


Your furry buddy does not love the Gift Box? 

What if your pet doesn't love something in the Gift Box, the entire box or you have picked the wrong size of bandana or hat?  Don’t worry! St. Bark offers easy exchange and returns within 30 days of delivery!

Our goal is to help make your furry buddy happy, so send us an email at hello@stbark.com within 30 days of delivery and our team will contact you to arrange the exchange of the right size of bandana or hat, try our best to search for another product of equal or similar value to compensate your furry buddy or even a full refund of the purchase price of the entire box.  However, the shipping fee you previously paid, if any, will not be refunded and the return shipping fee will be at your own cost.

In your email requesting for a refund, please state your order number and the reason for refund so we will know how and where to improve.  Please wait for our reply of your submitted request before return of any product(s).


Do you do international delivery?

Although we mainly do local deliveries at the moment, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require international shipping so we can spread our love for pups and cats around the world through our specially created and curated products. 


How eco-friendly are the bandanas and dog hats of St. Bark? 

St. Bark chooses to use Specortex fabric to make our bandanas and dog hats because:

Specortex is Oeko-Tex Standard 1000 certified. It is an eco-friendly fabric with anti-UV, anti-bacterial and ultra-quick dry functions produced through patented waterless dyeing technology. We believe that protecting the environment for not just human beings, but also the pets on this planet, is as important as protecting their health.


How to wear St.Bark's Eco-Friendly & Anti-UV Hats?