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‘MAKING A DIFFERENCE: IT’S WHAT WE DO’ is the slogan for LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection Charity), an adoption charity who has the endless love and passion to make a difference for homeless animals in Hong Kong.  On 2 June 2019, St. Bark was lucky enough to team up with LAP to jointly host an adoption and charity sale event at Private i Concept store, the venue sponsor for this meaningful event.

LAP (Lifelong Adoption Protection for Animals Charity)

The Founder, Ms Sheila McClelland was at the venue to introduce LAP and also to explain in details what new adopters would need and how to be prepared when a new furry member goes home with them.

Sheila, the Founder of LAP, together with fellow volunteers were there to support

Round of applause to the volunteers’ good work on the day. It was just amazing. It was definitely not an easy task to arrange animals’ logistic, to take care of them throughout, also to answer all sort of questions at the site. They could do this so well, because they all share the same passion, to make a difference for these little cutie pies – Help them find a forever loving home.

A big Thank you to the volunteers of LAP, the “LAP x St.Bark” joint force successfully found homes for a couple of doggies and raised funds that day

To support this, we embroidered LAP’s slogan onto our functional Anti-UV bandanas made of eco-friendly fabric, which were handmade by a local social enterprise. All proceeds made from the sale of the bandanas went to LAP.

Snoopy, the Chief Happiness Officer of St. Bark, modelling for the charity bandana with the slogan “MAKING A DIFFERENCE: IT’S WHAT WE DO”

We, St Bark, are here to unite the community value of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to embrace the love and care for the society and all. And, we are glad we could be part of this to make a little difference for our furry friends!

LAP, that is solely operated by volunteers, welcomes fund raising and donation that contributes to the daily necessities for animals in the homing centers. LAP strongly encourages NOT to cage up any animals, who should have the freedom to walk with the similar kinds in the adoption centers, just like a temporary home. Hundreds and hundreds of homeless animals, newborn and elderly out there urging for a home. Can you give them a forever loving home? Or, If you would like to make a difference too, you may take your act now and support LAP via http://lap.org.hk/donate.aspx

LAP’s dogs still waiting to be homed. Please give them a chance AND yourself a chance to find a forever companion!

On the adoption day, St. Bark also prepared a human and doggy cross-over ‘Welcome Home Gift-Set’ for the new families, a big bag of crisps for the adopter, a big bag of dog treats and a treat toy to go home and make a simple celebration. Give a home, save a life. We are deeply thankful to the new adopters!